This division provides all services related to industrial and commercial safety. The proposed solutions:

  •     Management experts
  •     Security professional
  •     Command and control centers
  •     Security and asset protection systems
  •     Biometric identification systems
  •     Electronic management systems

The proposed solutions are fast and flexible, designed to adapt to any situation. We work closely with clients to assess risk and apply the right combination of professional services and advanced technology. We organize and implement solutions quickly. We design and manufacture innovative and advanced biometric security systems. We guarantee a monitoring activity, as well as basic safety, security and close protection.






The proposed solutions can be traced back to 3 primary areas:

  • Support for basic operations
  • Development
  • Maintenance support

 We offer experience in all aspects of logistics, combining innovative planning to create the right solutions for the most varied needs, operational readiness, means of subsistence and development. We offer experience in all aspects of logistics and field operations. Design, construction, management and maintenance.


The proposed solutions:

  • Supply chain management
  • Infrastructure design and construction management in emergency
  • Maintenance of plants, vehicles and equipment
  • Water, sewage and electrical systems
  • Telecomunicazioni, Internet e informazioni delle infrastrutture
  • Protection of roads and services
  • Monitoring and control of hazardous waste
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Recovery operations
  • Fight against fires

Leveraging our partner network, we are able to rapidly deploy work, equipment and technology as appropriate. We respond quickly to the needs of customers who have significant assets and critical infrastructure. We provide services ranging from design, engineering, construction and communication, basic life support.



Thanks to our partners, we provide support for finding the funds necessary for the realization of projects whether they are in EPC or B-OMT, tailored to the customer. It is one of the main factors that we can face. The goal is to guarantee the necessary funds so that the client can focus only on the realization of the business.





Here are some of the activities that are attributable to Outsourcing and Facility Management

  • Business logistics
  • Green management
  • Employee Management
  • Training
  • Process Reengineering
  • Information System
  • Contracts
  • Document Management
  • Energy Management
  • Welfare